Get to know the team

The team of IPM Tech Hub consist of experienced, creative and ambitious individuals that use their interdisciplinary knowledge to provide holistic and optimized solutions for their clients. Our work and services are based on real data that is collected through our research. Get to know your guides for foreign market entry!

Domen Kos, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Domen Kos is a partner and Chief executive officer of the holding IPM Group that comprises 7 organizational units active in the field of digitalization, EU funding and sustainability. Dr. Kos is a registered researcher at the research agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS) and the CEO as well as head of research at IPM Technology Hub, where he research the level of digitalization and use of smart solutions in different ecosystems (companies, municipalities, retirement homes, veterinary clinics, medical institutions, etc.)


Jakob Jež

Chief Operating Officer

Jakob has been gaining experience in the fields of sales, marketing, business model development and digitalization. With a wide array of different competences and knowledge he designs tailor made business models and solutions for our clients. With a creative – out of the box approach to problem solving Jakob ensures that your company will find the best solution for your challenges.


Julija Bertalanič


Through her studies of social informatics, Julija has gained in depth knowledge about research of the digital society as well as different approaches for gathering and interpreting data. Using these skills she plays an integral role in the research conducted within IPM Tech HUB.


Jaka Gruden


Jaka Gruden is an expert in business consulting, market analysis and has many years of experience in project management. His strategic and methodological approach to solving business challenges allows for the creation of the best possible solutions for our clients.