Innovation & Development

Enter target markets

IPM Tech Hub functions as a bridge between foreign innovative companies and individual ecosystems on the market of Slovenia, the broader Western Balkans and Central europe. The main purpose of IPM Tech Hub is to facilitate the circulation of data, knowledge, competences, business networks, European funds and staff among all involved parties. Our partnership program is based on a system of referrals which through the ecosystem of IPM Group chooses individual foreign companies that would fit into the business model of the Hub. The services that we offer through our Hub are completely tailored to the needs of our partners.

What makes IPM Tech Hub unique?


When joining IPM Tech Hub you do not only get access to our services, but the services of all experts within the IPM Group as well.


The experts of IPM Tech Hub will develop a holistic, tailor made business model that will be completely tailored to your business goals.


All activities, advice and directions that we propose to our clients are based on actual research and data collected by the experts within IPM Tech Hub.

Services offered to IPM Tech Hub partners

Data & Research

We understand the value of data and how it can affect the competitive advantage a company has in its market. That is why we conduct continuous general research as well as tailor made research adapted to the needs of our clients.

Networking & delegations

Contacts, networking and a personal approach are key for a successful market entry in any international market. This is why we organize and carry out different (international) events for our clients, as well as business delegations intended for networking.

Business accelerator

The most difficult stage of entering a foreign market are the elementary activities needed to start an international operation. From beginning business activities to sales activities IPM Tech Hub aids its partners in all key stages of international market entry.

Talent acquisition

A good local team can be a key ingredient for successful market entry. That is why we offer our partners access to a broad pool of talents and advise them in choosing the correct one.

Other IPM Group services

Upon becoming a partner in IPM Tech Hub, our clients get exclusive deals and conditions for working with all entities within IPM Group.